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Treat your family to an adventure this holiday season.

Those of you who celebrate Christmas are probably planning to get a tree if you haven’t already done so. In a recent post, the Oakland County Blog makes an excellent suggestion: Find Your Christmas Tree on an Oakland County Tree Farm – turn your “annual tree trip into a family adventure inside the idyllic rural landscape of northern Oakland County.”

An interactive map, Tree Farms of Oakland County, is available for your planning and there’s 7 tree farms in northern Oakland County to choose from (as of the time this article was published). The map includes address, phone number, and website information for each of the farms.

Also provided are some excellent Tree Farm Tips, including links to important safety-related information, which I’m pleased to share below (with their permission):

  • Dress for the weather and be prepared for snow
  • Check ahead for special events, such as Santa visits, hayrides, hot cocoa and cider
  • Some farms may not accept credit or debit cards; call ahead or bring cash or checks just in case
  • Avoid tripping or falling by watching out for hidden stumps while walking on the farm
  • Prepare your home ahead of time to make sure your tree’s path inside is obstruction-free
  • Read through the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)‘s comprehensive list of tree and decoration safety precautions to avoid hazards to your safety and property
  • Most importantly — take lots of photos and have fun!

(Source: Find Your Christmas Tree on an Oakland County Tree Farm)

Sounds like great family fun to me. Have a safe and happy holiday season!